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Catastrophic Injury Claims Attorney: Chicago, Wheaton

Has a loved one suffered a life-changing injury because of someone else’s negligence? A brain injury, spinal cord injury or disfigurement from burns or an animal attack can require a lifetime of care and treatment. Call the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton or Chicago, Illinois, and talk to a personal injury attorney.

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The more serious the injury, the more concerned you need to be about fair and just compensation. With several years of experience as an attorney with investigative and trial capabilities, attorney Richard Russo can investigate and evaluate your case and aggressively pursue a settlement or trial verdict that will help you meet current and future needs:

  • Did a loved one suffer a brain injury? Even a moderate brain injury or concussion can mean a change in the victim’s ability to hold a job or manage daily tasks. Our law firm can investigate the accident and determine the liable parties. We can work with medical and life planning experts to determine what will be needed over a lifetime to deal with a traumatic brain injury.
  • Did an accident cause your family member’s spinal cord injury? A spinal cord injury means a lifetime of special equipment, attendant care, home modifications, and physical and occupational training. Our law firm’s network of experts can help determine what will be necessary for a spinal cord injury victim to deal with paraplegia or quadriplegia.
  • Were you disfigured because of an accident? A dog bite attack, burns from a truck crash or scalding from a workplace accident can cause lifelong disfigurement and the need for multiple surgeries. When a child or young adult suffers a burn injury, it can alter a life, changing opportunities and making the victim self-conscious.

Catastrophic injuries require significant financial resources. At the Russo Law Offices, we investigate the accident that caused the injury, determine all liable parties and prepare the case for trial.

No attorney’s fees are due unless we make a recovery.

At the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton and Chicago, you can be assured of finding the right lawyer to help you obtain the financial resources necessary to deal with a catastrophic injury. Attorney Richard Russo, using all the resources of the Associated Legal Services Chartered, provides experienced representation for clients who require a personal injury lawyer.

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