In DuPage County all evaluations must be done, initially through the DuPage County Probation D.U.I. Evaluation Unit.  If there are special circumstances you can discuss them with an attorney to determine if a Judge is likely to allow an evaluation from a different provider. This is rare but can be done.

In order to receive a sentence of Court Supervision the defendant must submit a recent evaluation to the court for consideration and review.

It is best to get an evaluation of your case from an attorney BEFORE you make a determination as to how to proceed after any arrest whether for DUI or any other criminal and/or traffic cases.

The DUI evaluation process consists of an oral interview as well as answering questions in writing or digitally.  After the evaluation is complete the person being evaluated will be classified in one of four categories ranging from Low Risk to High Risk. This determines the level of counseling required.

Low risk or Level 1 means the offender is to complete a ten hour Risk Education Program through an approved provider.  Level 2 Moderate Risk requires completion of the 10 hour Risk Education class as well as an additional 20 hours of classes.  Level 2 Significant Risk requires six months of aftercare (6 meeting spaced out once each month) in addition to the level 2 moderate requirements.  Level 3 or High risk requires 75 hours of treatment plus 12 months of aftercare.

Whether to get an evaluation, and when to get an evaluation may change depending on the facts and circumstances of each individual case.  It is best to contact an attorney  at RUSSO LAW OFFICES for an evaluation of your case and to best assess your specific situation to determine if and when it is most appropriate to get an evaluation.  And, if it is appropriate, the timing of that evaluation.

It is also important to determine who might best provide counseling. The lawyers at Russo Law Offices are familiar with many qualified service providers who do a very good job at a competitive price.

If we are handling your case, we prefer that we are involved as close to the actual arrest as possible and to  assist you with all decisions related to the case from beginning to end.  We find this is the best way to guarantee the best possible result for your case.  We have the experience and expertise to assist in all  decisions related to the arrest and prosecution, giving you the best defense team possible.

You can click this link to get to the DuPage County Probation site with the information sheet for the evaluations https://www.dupageco.org/Probation/1202/ .

The current cost of an evaluation in DuPage County is $225.  Cash is not accepted.  The evaluation process takes about two and a half hours to complete.  You will also be required to bring with you a list of any prescriptions you are currently taking and the Notice of Summary Suspension ( a document that you should have received from the police who arrested you).

Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent attend the evaluation as well.  Evening and Saturday appointments are available  by appointment.

For all additional questions or concerns regarding you D.U.I. charges or evaluation contact the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton.  There is no charge for an initial telephone conversation.

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