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If you have been injured at work, workers’ compensation can provide medical treatment, a percentage of lost wages and any necessary retraining to get you back to work. But if your workplace accident was caused by a defective product or a vendor, you may be entitled to a third-party liability claim in addition to your workers’ comp claim. Talk to a personal injury lawyer at the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton and Chicago, Illinois.

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Was your work injury caused by a contractor’s mistake, a vendor’s error or defective machinery? Our law firm would like to hear about your workplace accident.

  • We have the capability to investigate your accident. Using experienced investigators, our law firm can visit the scene of your accident, preserve evidence and, if necessary, reconstruct the accident. We want to know how you were injured so that we can determine if there are liable parties.
  • What is third-party liability? A contractor installed shelves in an office. The shelves failed, dropped all the contents on a worker and caused a brain injury. A vendor’s delivery truck backed over an employee, breaking several bones. A conveyor belt was installed by the manufacturer without proper safety guards. A worker’s clothing and arm were caught in the machinery. All of these accidents were caused by a third party.
  • Talk to a lawyer who can evaluate your case. Tell us about your on-the-job injury. We can determine whether your work injury can be the basis of a third-party liability claim or lawsuit.

No attorney’s fees are due unless we make a recovery.

At the Russo Law Offices in Wheaton and Chicago, you can be assured of finding the right lawyer to help you with a workplace accident claim. Attorney Richard Russo, using all the resources of the Associated Legal Services Chartered, provides experienced representation for clients who require a personal injury lawyer.

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