Dupage County Case Search


You will find specific instructions below on how to access this information free

After receiving a traffic ticket, being charged with a crime or if you have been served with some other court papers you may have many questions, including where and when you will have to appear in court.

You may even wonder whether or not you need the assistance of an attorney.

Russo Law Office attorney’s and staff are available to help you navigate through the  DuPage County Courts online information system and provide these instructions so that you can access information directly by yourself;

We are available by phone or in the office by appointment only, to assist you, if needed.

Occasionally when you enter your name  to access the information you may still not get any information from the website or be able to find everything you need easily.  There are several reasons this might happen.  Often the name may have been spelled differently when the information was put it into the system.

There are many reasons, including that the clerk of the Court may have sealed your records from public access as allowed under the law.

Sometimes it can take several days or even weeks before all of the information is available online. The public access site may provide somewhat limited information, or be difficult to access if you are not knowledgeable and diligent about the search.

Lawyers have specific access points and we at Russo Law Offices are very experienced in the process.  Often times we have been able to access the information when others were not able to.

Attorneys, and staff at the Russo Law Offices may be able to access additional records and information that may not be viewable to the general public.

Many litigants find that the DuPage County public access website is generally useful only for locating when and where you must appear for court or how to pay fines.

In most cases it is best to consult with an attorney if you have been charged with an offense, even minor traffic offenses, to determine if taking advantage of this option is in your best interest.  You can visit Russo Law offices website to get additional information about when and if an attorney is necessary at www.RUSSOLAWOFFICES.com

Here is the step by step process you can follow in order to try and locate your case information:

  1. Go to https://epay.18thjudicial.org
  2. Click the box “search for your case”.
  3. To search for your case by your name:

Scroll down to “search by case name”.

Enter your full last name, your first name, your middle name (if you have one) and your date of birth.

Click “search”

Click on your last name.

Click on the case number.

  1. To search for your case if you have a case number:

Scroll down to “search by case number”.

Enter the case number.

Click “search”.

If you have additional questions you may speak with a member of our staff and/or an Attorney who can evaluate your specific situation and help you to determine what is in your best interest. An initial consultation will be done at no charge.

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