Whether you are a CDL driver or have just a regular driver’s license there can be significant consequences of a D.U.I. arrest or even being convicted of petty or misdemeanor traffic violations.

In either case, it is important to know what your official driving record looks like.  This is what is referred to as a “Court Purposes Abstract”.   These documents are not easily deciphered at first glance. You may need assistance to understand, if so we are here to help.

At the Russo Law Offices we can explain them to you and review your driving record.

If you are suspended or revoked we can help you get your full driving privileges back.

Although we can obtain an abstract for you, You may prefer to do so on your own.  You can get your driving abstract or record either by going in person to a Secretary of State facility which offers this service or from the Secretary of State website.

If you click this link you will be directed directly to the Illinois Secretary of State website and page where you may begin the process of obtaining your abstract/record electronically with out waiting in lines or going to a facility.

There is a nominal cost either way but online  a small processing fee is added

Once you get to this page on the Secretary of State website you will be prompted to provide your personal information to verify that you are requesting your own abstract.  The information you should have handy to fill out the form is as follows:


1)     Driver License Number

2)     Date of Birth

3)     Last 4 digits of your Social Security number

4)     Issue date on the license

5)     Expiration date on your license

6)     Class of the license

7)     Weight as listed on the license

8)     You will digitally sign an affirmation that you are requesting only your own abstract

If you need further assistance obtaining or reading your abstract contact the Russo Law Offices today for a full analysis of what your record contains and what impact new tickets or arrests could have on your status or what steps can be taken to help get your license valid again if you are revoked or suspended.

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