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A subpoena is a legal document which is issued by a party to a case or by their attorney.  If you are personally served with a subpoena you are obligated to comply with the subpoena or file a motion with the court stating the reason or reasons you should not be compelled to comply with the request.

A subpoena can require either your presence in court to provide testimony as a witness or can simply require you to provide some documents within your control.

If you are unsure what type of subpoena you have received or what your options are you should contact us at the Russo Law Offices so we can fully explain your options and what consequences may follow.

There are certainly some situations where you may be able to avoid compliance with the subpoena if it was not properly filed or served or if it is deficient in some other way.  The best way to protect yourself would be to contact the Russo Law Offices for a legal review and opinion for how to proceed.

Contact Russo Law Offices for a criminal defense attorney today.

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