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A first probation violation usually results in the probation officer filing a “probation violation notice” or PVN with the clerk and placing your case on the Judge’s court call.  Typically a defendant is sent notice in writing to the address he/she gave probation when registering with them.

It would certainly be best to bring an attorney with you when appearing in court for any matter but especially for a probation violation.  Depending on the nature of the violation, as well as what the original charge was and what an individual’s history is there are many options for the judge.  It is possible the Judge will take the defendant into custody and set a bond, even or a first violation depending on the type of violation.

However, it is also possible to avoid being taken into custody or even having to face any real consequences for a single violation if you have an attorney who can make an argument to the State or Judge to keep you out of custody and on probation despite a misstep or violation.  That is why it is important to contact us at the Russo Law Offices as soon as you are notified of a probation violation.

For subsequent violations, the process will be the same however with each subsequent violation you should expect the Prosecutor and/or the Judge to impose a more significant penalty if the probation violation is proven in court.

However even if you have had multiple violations of your probation there is always a chance with aggressive and skilled representation by an attorney from the Russo Law Offices to avoid going to jail or prison.  Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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