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In Illinois DUI is a Class A misdemeanor offense, this means it is punishable by a maximum fine of $2500.00 plus other court costs and mandatory fees, and up to one year in jail if convicted.   Additionally, any DUI conviction would also result in the driver’s license being revoked.

Under most circumstances, a conviction and jail time can be avoided for a first offense even if there is over-whelming proof of guilt.  As in most cases, your chances of avoiding a conviction and minimizing collateral consequences are greatly improved when you have competent legal representation.

However, if simply avoiding jail is not your only concern there are a number of ways a lawyer can protect your right and save you money down the road by handling your case properly from the very beginning.

At the Russo Law Offices we will make every effort to investigate you case and make sure that the police handled the arrest properly and that the State prosecutes it properly.  This is a very complicated charge and there are many ways a qualified lawyer can attack a DUI charge even when you may feel there is no hope.

There is also the matter of dealing with the Summary suspension of your driver’s license which will occur automatically 46 days after you are arrested and served with notice of suspension unless you have a lawyer who properly challenges the State’s ability to suspend your license.

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