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At the RUSSO LAW OFFICES we are frequently contacted by people who have been stopped and ticketed for a “Scott’s law violation”.

This is a traffic ticket issued when someone fails to slow down or move out of the way for an emergency vehicle.  Most often we see these tickets issued by the Illinois State Police on the highways or tollways.  However, the law applies on all roads throughout the state of Illinois.

The purpose of this law is designed to protect policemen and other emergency workers who are stopped along the side of a roadway.

Due to several Troopers and other being seriously injured and even killed by driver’s who did not avoid them these violations are taken very seriously.

The statute for this offense is 625 ILCS 5/11-907.  You can look up the statute to read the full text of the law but for our purposes here I will summarize your responsibilities as a driver in Illinois.

The penalty for a “first time offender” of this statute is a minimum of $250 fine plus court costs and a maximum fine of up to $10,000 and possible license suspension even for a first offense.

For a second offense the minimum fine starts at $750 plus court costs.

When an emergency vehicle is stopped and has activated its warning signal lights or siren:

  1. Drivers must use reasonable caution and change lanes away from the vehicle if possible with due regard to safety and traffic conditions;
  2. Using reasonable caution, drivers must reduce speed while approaching and passing if changing lanes would be impossible or unsafe.

The statute states that an “emergency vehicle” means any vehicle authorized by law to be equipped with oscillating, rotating or flashing lights while the operator of the vehicle is engaged in his/her official duties.

While we most frequently see these tickets issued for failing to slow down and mover over from police vehicles.  The statute does seem to include Illinois tollway assistance vehicles, tow trucks, ambulances and fire trucks and any other vehicle with legally equipped light and/or sirens.

This statute obviously contains much stiffer and more significant penalties than a “regular” traffic violation.

If you receive a ticket for this offense you should contact the RUSSO LAW OFFICES immediately to see what we can do to help you fight the ticket in court if you feel you did all you safely could do or to try to work out a deal that will ensure you don’t lose your driving privileges or pay an excessive fine. We’re here to help you with any traffic violations as your representation. 

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