Dupage County Courts Update May 12, 2020


Dupage County Courts continue to operate and handle cases on an “As needed” basis.

The Dupage County Chief Judge recently outlined his plan for handling pending cases and returning the Court facility to full operation.  Urgent matters can be handled now.  All pending cases will be given new court dates on a staggered schedule beginning June 8, 2020.  This includes Traffic and Ordinance matters.

The Dupage County Clerk will be sending new court date notices shortly.
If you do not receive one, contact your attorney for an update on your case, ASAP.

You should not ignore any notices sent and/or a Court date;  If you have a conflict your attorney can appear for you.  If a current court order needs to be modified such as to allow travel out of state or for any other reason your attorney can handle this.

If you have an Attorney “of record” handling your case you may not have to appear in Court. Those high risk individuals who do not want to go into the court facility can have their attorney appear instead.

Russo Law Offices, in an effort to keep everyone safe and avoid crowding in the Court house can limit or even eliminate the need for you to be in the Court house. Routine matters can be handled without your appearance and in some cases we may even be able to dispose of the case without you ever appearing in Court.  Discuss this with your attorney to see if you can avoid a court appearance.

The expungement and sealing process for prior arrests and records continues and may give you a better chance of getting a new job. We can evaluate your case if you wish.

Russo Law Offices can evaluate your case to determine how we can assist you in the most efficient manner and hopefully limit or even avoid the need for your personal appearance.  We can also review a prior sentence in the event it needs to be modified due to your inability to complete certain terms and conditions due to quarantine. Our goal is to have the sentence terminated even if all terms and conditions were not completed.  This may be done on a case by case basis. Contact Russo Law for a criminal attorney in Wheaton

The court handling Orders of Protections cases is still operating on a daily basis.

Contact Richard Russo for a free consultation today.

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