One takeaway from a world wide pandemic

As I write this, there are unprecedented changes happening in the world.

For most of us, the COVID-19 has abruptly disrupted our daily life and activities.

I believe it will forever changed the way we will do business and work in the future.

It has created a whole new level of anxiety for many, especially children.

Many are feeling helpless and vulnerable.

For some, it may be helpful to take control and focus on  things that can be beneficial.

We all need strength to accept the things we have no control over and to focus on those things that we can.

A crisis is a perfect time for reflection and to determine what is most important to your family and business.

For me, this has been another reminder of how our lives can change almost instantly and so dramatically.

This is a time to reflect and to….Plan, plan, plan!

This is a perfect time to evaluate the various plans that are in place for us and our families, in the event the worst happens. I believe in preparing for the worse while anticipating the best will occur.

Everyone should take time to consider how their families are protected in the worse of times…

When was the last time you reviewed your will, business continuity plan or did any estate planning?  
There are many important questions to ask…
What would happen if you are hospitalized for an extensive period and/or are unable to dictate your own medical decisions?
Is your family and business protected in the event of a prolonged illness, hospitalization, or worse?

Do you have a medical power of attorney and a financial power of attorney?

HAVE YOU DONE ADEQUATE ESTATE PLANNING to protect your family and/or business?

Have you considered who would take custody of your children and pets?

Even if you have an old estate plan, when was the last time it was reviewed?

The law is forever changing. Likewise, as we age, our thoughts and opinions as to how we want to provide for our own health care, children and finances may change.   A simple reading of the documents may confirm that all is well without the need for contacting an attorney

If you have concerns, or questions, your estate planning documents can be reviewed to determine if additional options available are more suitable and/or if the current documentation still meets your requirements.  This can give peace of mind in uncertain times.

We are prepared to do this for you even without an office visit.

For most people the cost of a simple estate plan is far less expensive, then the cost of probating an estate.

The probate process can also further delay the sale or transfer of assets.  There are several economical ways to avoid probate.

While there may be simple documents available on the web and/or from non lawyer sites that seem to fit the bill, these may not work for everyone.  Even if the documentation is acceptable you need to insure proper execution, as required under state law.

You should consider what may happen if you do not address everything or consider all the various options available to you.

It is not just about protecting an orderly transfer of  your assets, but also to address issues related to child custody, healthcare decisions for you and them, and in some cases minimizing the inheritance tax consequences.

An experienced lawyer can assist you in opening the discussions with your spouse or companion and help navigate the process.

Russo Law Offices can help you with both an appropriate estate plan and a business continuity plan (succession planning).

Costs will depend on the sophistication of the plan(s) needed, but as they say….the peace of mind is priceless!

Russo Law Offices has a policy of giving priority for estate planning to terminally ill clients, those with special needs, seniors, medical professionals and all first responders. However we can still assist most clients in a timely manner from the first contact to execution of documents.

We would start with an initial flat fee evaluation to determine what may be required and to give some preliminary guidance as to what would be appropriate for each individual situation and advise as to the cost.  This can be done in the office,  remotely via video or telephone conference or if necessary your own home.   We usually budget up to 90 minutes for this initial interview and evaluation.  The initial evaluation does not obligate you to proceed further and may include review of your existing documentation to determine if any additional work is recommended.

You should also evaluate if your business has a sufficient plan to recover from interrupted critical business functions after an unexpected occurrence or the death of a principal.   Failing to plan as they say, is a plan for failure.

Many small businesses are so busy keeping up with the daily responsibilities of running a business that they fail to adequately plan for a disaster and/or death of the principals.

While a crisis or death can trigger unease and anxiety among employees, clients, and other stakeholders, businesses with contingency plans can make the necessary decisions orderly and rationally, based on predetermined guidelines, while minimizing the stress that may be felt.

Having a plan in place can also help minimize the risk of letting the emotions of the moment dictate an inappropriate decision as well as minimize losses.

A Security and disaster recovery plan for Technology and data protection also comes into play when considering the security of your data and technology.

All businesses should make sure programs are in place (and operating properly) to secure confidential client, employee, and organizational data. Contact Russo Law to start looking at estate planning.

While the information contained herein is believed relevant and accurate at the time it was authored, it should not be considered legal advice and may 
not be relied upon until after a complete consultation and evaluation of your specific situation and until if and when a written attorney engagement agreement is executed and accepted by the Russo Law Offices; A written engagement is required before any opinions or advice will be given and/or can be relied upon.
All information contained herein is the exclusive property of and is subject to copy rights by the author and/or Russo Law Offices; The information contained herein shall not be reproduced, used or disseminated in any way without the express written permission of the author and Russo Law Offices.


  • Martin Moore
    Posted February 26, 2017 2:27 pm

    I am grateful for your professional help. You’re the best and I want to wish you many more clients!

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      Posted February 26, 2017 2:28 pm

      I think the website is really nice and professional. Can’t wait to try it for my project.

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        Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it!

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